Sign: Punish Woman Who Starved Senior Dog 'Boomer'



Michelle DiGennaro of Mohegan Lake, New York, is facing an animal cruelty charge for starving a senior dog named Boomer. Please sign the petition to hold DiGennaro accountable for the severe neglect that Boomer endured!

Who's signing

SPCA of Westchester Humane Law Enforcement Unit found Boomer in dismal condition - the old dog was allegedly being kept in an outdoor enclosure, deprived of food, water and veterinary care. By the time that Boomer was rescued, he weighed half of what a dog his size should weigh. Aside from being skeletal, Boomer had severe ear infections, horribly overgrown nails and untreated luxating patella’s and arthritis. Please sign this petition asking for officials to hold DiGennaro accountable for her actions! Boomer suffered a sad existence for far too long.

Video of Boomer here.