Sign: Alabama Man Allegedly Burned Innocent Puppy Alive - Hold Him Accountable!

An innocent puppy, not yet three months of age, suffered unimaginable pain after allegedly being set on fire. The person identified as the perpetrator of an apparently sick crime is identified as Taurence Marshall...the pup's owner. The puppy suffered severe injuries in the fire and did not survive. 

Marshall is facing a first-degree animal cruelty charge and we want to present your signatures to officials letting it be known that if Marshall is found guilty, he should not be offered a plea deal. 

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Taurence Yaphet Marshall, 35, has a lengthy criminal history, including guilty pleas for assault, robbery and drug possession. The Enterprise Police Department arrested him on Monday, September 16, for allegedly burning his own puppy to death. If it is determined that he is guilty of this cruel crime, it is time for him to be put away!

Marshall is facing a first-degree animal cruelty charge, and we hope to present a significant number of signatures to officials, letting them know that this man should not be offered a plea deal. Marshall is accused of setting his puppy on fire - if he is found to be guilty, he needs to be put behind bars, not offered probation and community service. If it is determined that Marshall intentionally burned his pup to death, the punishment should be significant. Please add your name to this petition and speak up for the innocent puppy who suffered and died.

Update3/11/2021: Animal Victory has sent the DA office 13,085 signatures and comments today.

Update 1/14/2021: Animal Victory has been informed that this case heads to a grand jury on 3/16/2021 for felony charges, in Dale county.  

UPDATE: December 30, 2019, Read Our Letter Here

The District Attorney has told Animal Victory that Mr. Marshall was arrested and his case was presented to the Dale County Grand Jury in November.  The grand jury voted to continue the case and requested certain witnesses appear to testify in addition to the law enforcement officer.  They also requested that the officer follow-up with a couple of items and witnesses.  The case should be presented again in early March as that is the next scheduled time for grand jury.  They are taking this case very seriously and want to be very thorough.  


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