Repeat Offender, With Lengthy Criminal History, Busted For Dog-Fighting

Published: Nov 13, 2020   /   Author: Penny Eims

A career criminal was recently arrested and charged for dealing drugs and dog-fighting. New York's Erie County Sheriff's Office has identified 43-year-old Douglas Williams of Buffalo as the accused drug-dealing dog fighter.

In a release, the authorities outlined what was discovered when a search warrant was executed at his residence:

ECSO SWAT Team executed a search warrant at his dwelling where five additional dogs were rescued. The dogs showed signs of severe abuse. Also recovered in the raid was a loaded 9mm handgun, cocaine, fentanyl, as well as drug paraphernalia.

DJ Granville, Chief of Narcotics and and Intelligence for the Erie County Sheriff's Office, said:

"You know exactly what you're looking at. You know there were a boatload of dog fights going on here. These poor animals are being pitted against each other. For people to take advantage of that, to bet money on that, to play their own egos on that... it's disgusting."


Williams was arrested and he is now missing after being released on bond. There is currently a $2,500 reward for information that leads to his arrest. 

Please sign this petition to put this man away! Williams must be found and punished.

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The Erie County Sheriff's Office outlines what was discovered at Douglas Williams' residence during the raid - in addition to dogs who showed signs of "severe abuse," were the following items: A loaded 9mm handgun, cocaine, fentanyl, as well as drug paraphernalia and dog fighting/training equipment.

Williams was arrested and charged with felony counts of:
• Criminal possession of a narcotic with intent to sell;
• Criminal possession of a controlled substance; and
• Criminal possession of a loaded firearm.
He was also charged with felony counts of:
• Aggravated cruelty to animals; and
• Permitting animal fighting on one’s premises.

In addition to the felony counts, he is charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal use of drug paraphernalia.

The Sheriff's Office stated, "Williams is currently on parole for his involvement in a violent home invasion. He has a previous conviction for aggravated cruelty to animals and two separate federal convictions for firearm possession."

Douglas Williams must be apprehended and punished for his laundry list of crimes! We need your signature to help convince court officials that Williams does not deserve any plea deals, and that he must receive the maximum punishment for the charges he faces. Please sign (and share!!) this petition. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers Western New York at (716) 867-6161.

Note: The dogs are being cared for by the SPCA serving Erie County.

Individuals are presumed innocent until they are found guilty in a court of law.




Update 12/21/2020: Today we sent 11,700 signatures to the Erie County Sherrif. Read our letter here.


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