Remove Michael Vick From Being A 2020 Pro Bowl Legend Captain

In late November, the NFL announced that Michael Vick had been chosen as one of the 2020 Pro Bowl Legends Captains. The news is a slap in the face to dog lovers who are appalled that this former dog-fighter is being honored.

Out of the hundreds of professional football athletes who have led upstanding lives, the NFL has chosen a convicted dog-fighting organizer as someone who they want to honor.

Please add your signature to this petition, which will be presented to officials with the NFL. Michael Vick should not be placed in a position of honor - the dogs who were tortured and killed deserve to be remembered and honored. Not the man who played a part in their suffering.

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Michael Vick found himself facing numerous charges after a large dog-fighting operation was discovered in Surry County, Virginia, back in 2007. The authorities found dozens of dogs at Vick's Bad Newz Kennels property and Vick was subsequently linked to illegal gambling, illegal dog fighting, and involvement in the brutal torture and killing of countless dogs.

Dogs who were forced to take part in the deadly blood-sport were killed by horrific means, including electrocution, drowning and hanging. After the news broke, Vick was let go from the Falcons - and now, the NFL wants him to be honored? Their decision is a disgrace and it sends a terrible message. 

There are dozens of upstanding men involved in the NFL who have worked to be great role models for young people. Men who have dedicated their lives to being the very best athletes possible, while managing to stay on the right side of the law. Why has the NFL chosen a convicted felon to be given an honorary position in the 2020 Pro Bowl?

Please sign this petition asking for Vick to be removed as one of the captains - he does not deserve the honor.

Read more about Michael Vick and the Bad Newz Kennels case:


UPDATE 12.4.19 Letters have been sent to the NFL, ESPN, and Walt Disney. Click Company name to read letter.


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