04/28/2021 - Vegas Chick-Fil-A Operator Facing Felony Charges For Beating And Shooting Cat

04/21/2021 - Someone Fatally Stabbed Duct-Taped Bound Cat With A Screwdriver
04/17/2021 - Will you sign these please?
04/13/2021 - Veterinarian Facing Cruelty Charge For Allegedly Abusing Elderly Cat
04/09/2021 - Man Fatally Bludgeons Puppies With Log.
04/07/2021 - Have you signed? These abusers are headed to court.
04/01/2021 - The Pathetic Reality Of Live Export Trade😓
03/24/2021 - Man Repeatedly Threw Puppy, Breaking Multiple Bones In Her Body
03/17/2021 - Elementary teaching assistant accused of performing "sex acts" with his dog AND possession of child porn.
03/13/2021 - Dad repeatedly punches and slams family cat into wall
03/09/2021 - 23 more dogs-107 total- seized from suspected dog-fighter
03/06/2021 - Will you check to see if you signed these petitions please?
03/03/2021 - Estimated 200 Dogs Found In Filthy Conditions At Puppy Mill When Police Investigated A Murder
02/27/2021 - Grim Discovery Of 15 Dead Horses, 11 Dead Foals, on Farm
02/22/2021 - Pregnant Dog Died After Fake Vet Performed C-Section And She Wasn't Properly Sedated!
02/18/2021 - Do Petitions Create Change?
02/17/2021 - Dog froze to death but owner not being charged and allowed to keep other dog.
02/13/2021 - Football Player Facing Felony Charges For Slamming Cat To Ground
02/10/2021 - 11 People Indicted On Drug And Dog-Fighting Charges
02/03/2021 - Social Media Influencer Accused Of Abusing Dog, Including Hanging From Coat Hanger
01/28/2021 - Sadistic Couple Encouraged Dogs To Kill Beloved Neighborhood Cat
01/26/2021 - Would you like to stay with us?
01/24/2021 - Despicable Man Killed Girlfriend's Cat By Twisting Its Neck
01/21/2021 - Hundreds Of Dogs, Alive And Dead, Found At Nightmare Property Where Woman Ran Illegal Puppy Mill
01/16/2021 - Off-Duty Game & Fish Officer Accused Of Decapitating Family Kitten With Pocketknife
01/14/2021 - Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend's Dog Because He Was Angry Over Vegas Casino Loss
01/13/2021 - Someone Wrote 'Trump' On A Manatee's Back
01/08/2021 - Witnesses Claim Animal Control Officers Beat Dog To Death With A Shovel
01/06/2021 - Travis Archer Beat A Puppy So Savagely That An Animal Cruelty Law Was Created, But He Is Able To Own A Pet Again
01/06/2021 - Thank you! Home Street Home Supporters. Look what you did!😘
12/30/2020 - Police Officer Caught On Video Repeatedly Punching K9 Partner
12/29/2020 - Park Officials Shot And Killed Homeless Cats In Park
12/12/2020 - Dogs and Cats of the homeless. 💕
12/10/2020 - Couple Moves Out Of State Leaving Husky Tied To Fence
12/05/2020 - Woman Locks Dog Inside Of Dog House
12/02/2020 - Man Killed Dad's Cat With Frying Pan On Thanksgiving
11/21/2020 - Dogs abandoned. Some left chained and in cages without food.
11/11/2020 - Woman Starves Her Dying Grandma's Dogs To Death
11/08/2020 - Man Cut Off Puppies' Ears With Scissors
11/05/2020 - Couple dumps over 120 dogs on highway
10/30/2020 - Man confessed to setting crate on fire with puppy inside
10/24/2020 - Tazi died alone on a chain and he deserves justice
10/21/2020 - Fake Rescue Organization Let Dogs Suffer And Die
10/17/2020 - 36 Dogs And Puppies Seized From Same Home Where Dozens Of Dogs Were Previously Seized From Suspected Dog-Fighter
10/14/2020 - Punish couple who neglected estimated 90 dogs-woman is repeat offender!
10/11/2020 - Police Offficers Fired for allegedly Beating Several Porcupines to death
10/07/2020 - Over 600 dogs and puppies rescued from house of horrors puppy mill
10/03/2020 - Dozens Of Dead Cats Found In Ohio Animal Sanctuary
09/30/2020 - Boynton Beach Florida Man Caught On Video Repeatedly Punching Dog
09/27/2020 - 'Dreadhead Cowboy' rides 20-Year-Old Horse to Exhaustion Staging a Protest
09/23/2020 - STOP: High Speed Slaughterhouses!
09/17/2020 - Vicious Youths Terrorize Dog, Shoving Head Underwater While Laughing
09/12/2020 - California CEO Caught On Video Abusing Puppy
09/11/2020 - Sign Now: Father And Son Arrested For Dog-fighting!
09/05/2020 - Wanted! Man takes dogs from shelter-at least one sexually abused
09/02/2020 - SIGN NOW: Man bludgeons puppy to death on stump
08/30/2020 - SIGN NOW: Teens break into zoo and torment animals.
08/26/2020 - SIGN NOW: Find abuser who shot cat in face with arrows
08/20/2020 - Find Thugs Who Ran Over And Viciously Beat Raccoon
08/18/2020 - Please Sign! Innocent cat tied up and torched!
08/15/2020 - Sign Now: Group tortures goats to death with dogs, bats, and machete
08/12/2020 - Sign Now: Dog used as "bait dog" for dogfighting dies
08/08/2020 - Disturbing Video Shows Alabama Man Throwing Puppies Against A Wall
08/06/2020 - Puppy left in hot car for over an hour, declared brain dead
08/01/2020 - Colorado Man Fatally Beat Roommate's Dog And Dismembered Another
07/26/2020 - Chained dog died in direct sun-Arrest the owner!
07/22/2020 - Help Marine Purple Heart recipient get dog he fell in love with
07/18/2020 - Teen Creating Horrific 'Crush' Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs
07/14/2020 - Please Help! Dog Fighters Cruelly Force Dog To Swim With Weighted Collar
07/10/2020 - Justice For Innocent Kitten Fatally Beaten By Woman
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