Mountain Biker's Dog Found Abandoned Kitten In The Woods

Published: May 07, 2021, at 4:15 p.m. Author: Staff

An kitten, abandoned deep in the woods of Licking County, Ohio, was rescued thanks to a mountain biker's dog, who noticed her in a tree. On Thursday, May 6, the Licking County Humane Society posted a GoPro video of the rescue effort, explaining what happened:

A good Samaritan and past #LCHSpets adopter was alerted by his dog on a mountain bike ride to something deep in the woods. This video shows his go-pro capture of the events that happened next. 🙀

The shelter believes that the kitten had been dumped, writing:

This kitten was found stranded, likely dumped, in the middle of a remote wooded area with no houses, shelter, or other feline or human beings for miles.

The shelter thanked the man who took the time to investigate when his dog noticed that something was amiss:

We’d like to thank the good Samaritan for saving this kitten’s life and contacting us to see if he could bring it into the shelter for care and eventual adoption.

The kitten has been dubbed Fuji (named after her rescuer's mountain bike) and she isn't available for adoption yet, but she should be soon!

Find the animal shelter on Facebook here.

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