Maximum Punishment For Man Who Neglected Dog So Severely That She Chewed Her Leg Off!

A dog in Exeter, New York, was so badly neglected that she resorted to chewing off her own leg. The German shepherd, named Zoe, was saved after a UPS driver noticed her suffering with a horrible injury outside in the snow. 

According to the New York State Police, 59-year-old Carl K. Pritchard has been arrested and charged for Zoe's dismal condition.

Please join us in asking the Otsego County Prosecutor to hold Pritchard fully accountable for his actions. We want to see this man serve time in jail - probation or community service just won't do!

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Imagine Zoe's feeling of hopelessness as she sat outside in the snow, with a leg so infected that she resorted to chewing it off. When the police arrived to Zoe's home, they found her staked in a yard, with only plastic crate for shelter. Zoe's food was covered in snow and her water was frozen.

German shepherds quite literally live for their people, yet Zoe's person cast her aside and left her to suffer. We want Carl K. Pritchard to pay for the pain that he inflicted on this innocent dog. If the UPS driver had not made a report, Zoe would have continued to suffer on the end of that chain until the day that her body could not go on any longer.

Dr. Joan Puritz at Oneonta Veterinary Clinic told the Post Star that the nine-year-old dog is emaciated, stating:

"She may not have been getting enough nutrition. The leg was probably injured and she was trying to take care of it herself.”

She added:

It breaks your heart. She’s such a sweet dog.”

Pritchard is charged with: Agriculture and Markets Law Agriculture and Markets Law overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance (misdemeanor) and failure to provide appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors (violation).

Please sign this petition! We want justice for Zoe.

(images via Susquehanna SPCA)


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