Man Repeatedly Threw Puppy, Breaking Multiple Bones In Her Body

Published: Mar 23, 2021   /   Author: Penny Eims

An 11-month-old French bulldog puppy is lucky to be alive. Her owner, 21-year-old Terrell Tomer of Utica, Michigan, abused her so badly that multiple bones in her body were broken.

Tomer's abhorrent behavior was discovered thanks to a neighbor's Ring camera which captured him hurling the helpless puppy multiple times in his yard. When police investigated, they found the puppy, named Nugget, with broken bones throughout her body. Tomer was arrested and he is now facing a felony animal cruelty charge which could land him behind prison bars for 10 years.

Please sign the petition today to help convince court officials that Terrell Tomer must receive the maximum sentence AND be prohibited from owning a pet ever again.

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The Utica Police Department believes that Nugget was subjected to abuse for a long time. Sean Coady, Chief of the Utica Police Department, detailed her injuries, "Multiple jaw fractures, skull fracture, spine damage, rib fractures -- rear legs. As well as a pelvic fracture."

If Terrell Tomer's neighbor had not submitted the Ring video footage, showing Nugget being repeatedly thrown through the air, she may have died. At the very least, she suffered horribly with her multitude of severe injuries.

Nugget is safely out of this man's care, and she is expected to recover, but we must ensure that Tomer never does this to another animal again! Please add your name to the petition today to help us convince court officials that a plea deal can't be considered. Terrell Tomer must receive the maximum sentence for his felony charge of animal torture!

Watch the Ring video at this link to Fox 2 Detroit News.


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