Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend's Dog Because He Was Angry Over Vegas Casino Loss

A man is accused of killing his girlfriend's small dog because he was angry about losing money at a Las Vegas, Nevada, casino. The man accused of the horrifying act is identified as 48-year-old Walter Stevenson.

Stevenson apparently took his anger, over losing $500, out on his girlfriend's three-year-old Chihuahua, whose name was Star. According to the responding police officer, it appeared that Star died after being struck in the head.

This is a despicable crime that demands a strong sentence!

Please add your name to the petition today - your signatures and comments will be presented to officials, along with our letter asking for Stevenson to receive the strongest possible punishment for his felony count of willful and malicious torture/maim/kill of a dog.

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Walter Stevenson was home alone with Star when the dog died. Stevenson's girlfriend called the authorities after returning home from the store and finding her dog dead on the floor, with blood coming from the mouth.

This man is accused of taking his anger out on a small, defenseless dog! Star's life was cut short because this man got angry after a gambling loss. Please sign today to ensure that Stevenson is not given a plea deal - he must receive the maximum possible punishment for the felony charge he faces for stealing this innocent dog's life.



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Note - individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law.


Update 3/10/2021: Read our letter to Attorney Steve Wolfson in Clark County



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