Lonesome Macaw Visits Parrots Daily At Rio Zoo

Published May 27, 2021 at 11:55 a.m. Author: Staff

A lonesome macaw visits captive parrots at zoo in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, every morning. The daily trek has been happening for decades, and experts believe that the bird, dubbed Juliet, misses having companionship in the wild. Zoo visitors have observed Juliet nuzzling the captive parrots through netting, and grooming them as well.

Sadly, experts believe that Juliet is the last bird of her kind in the wild. Many years ago, blue-and-yellow macaws were abundant in the city, but one has not been seen in the wild, aside from Juliet, since 1818.

According to the Phys.org, plans are in the works to start a breeding program and reintroduce parrots into the Tijuca Forest National Park near the end of 2022.

(screenshot via Phys.org)

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