Identify And Punish Cruel Mob Who Tortured And Killed Raccoon

A video posted to social media platforms shows a horrific attack on an innocent raccoon in New York City. The video shows a group of people watching as a car purposefully runs over the animal multiple times. The grievously injured raccoon is then viciously bludgeoned by people in the crowd.

The purpose of this petition is to shine a light on this cruel situation to help identify the people involved. When/if they are arrested, we will be presenting your signatures to the prosecutor with a demand for stiff punishment!

Who's signing

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation writes:

This was posted the other day- a group of people in New York City purposely running over a raccoon on the street. In the video the driver of the car runs over the raccoon multiple times while the people surrounding throw objects at the injured raccoon.
The video was posted by @cash.x0. At the moment there is very little information in regards to who the person driving is, or the individuals assaulting the raccoon.

Asking for tips to be made to: Email - or phoned to Crime Stoppers Hotline in NYC 1-800-577-TIPS

The behavior displayed by this heartless mob is unconscionable! This innocent animal suffered immensely before dying, and each and every person involved must be found and punished for their atrocious behavior. Please sign the petition and share it widely to help raise awareness of this crime.

You can view the video  at this link. A word of warning, it is graphic and highly disturbing!

Facebook link to video on the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation here.



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