Firefighters Save Dog Whose Head Was Stuck In A Pipe

Published May 21, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. Author: Staff

This week, a dog, whose head was hopelessly trapped inside of a metal pipe, received a helping hand from firefighters with the Kennett Fire Department. Missouri's Kennett Humane Department recounted the heroic efforts which led to the dog's freedom:

KFD responded to Black Gold Potato Farm where the dog was located. KFD was able to cut the pipe so the dog could be brought to Kennett Veterinary Clinic. Upon arrival to Dr. Mobley’s the dog was given meds to help her calm down. The KFD was then able to cut even more of the pipe away. The dog was then taken in to the O.R. vented. Dr. Mobley was able to lubricate and manipulate the dogs head enough to free the dog from pipe. The dog is being kept at Kennett Veterinary Clinic for fluid and observation.

The pooch, dubbed Piper Rose, had been trapped in the pipe long enough to become dehydrated. But she is going to make a full recovery thanks to the hard-working firefighters who did their utmost to free her, and Dr. Mobley, who came to the rescue on his day off to help safely free Piper Rose's head from the pipe.

Kudos to this amazing rescue team! 


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