Find And Punish Whoever Vandalized And Robbed Animal Shelter

Published: Jun 08, 2020   /   Author: Penny Eims

A Louisiana animal shelter is struggling to get back on its feet after someone vandalized the building, destroyed food supplies, and stole property. The DeRidder Animal Control facility was targeted by someone who was determined to wreak havoc. The DeRidder Police Department outlined the damage sustained in the May 30 break-in:

"two or more persons broke into the DeRidder Animal Control facility and caused a considerate amount of damage. The five dogs housed were released but since have been located and returned to the kennels unharmed. The main office and shop were ransacked and all the dog food is now contaminated with some type of fuel."


"The shelves that stores food for the elderly have been destroyed and all that food is also contaminated. The security cameras as well as the computer for the cameras were taken along with a gas powered trimmer."

Whoever is responsible for this crime must be found and punished! 

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Animal shelters operate on a limited budget under the best of circumstances. Having someone come in and purposefully destroy property, and food supplies, is cruel and shameful!

Whoever is behind this despicable act must be held accountable for their actions. Anyone who has information is asked to contact the DeRidder Police Department at 337-462-8911

Your signatures will be forwarded to officials, along with a letter requesting the maximum punishment for whoever is responsible. In addition to jail time, the person(s) responsible must pay restitution to this animal shelter!

Update 6.17.2020 Read our letter here



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