Dozens Of Dead Cats Found At No-Kill Animal Sanctuary Previously Operated By Couple Convicted Of Animal Cruelty

Dozens of dead cats, and over 100 living but neglected cats, were recently found at an Ohio "no-kill" animal sanctuary. The Lake Humane Society found 49 dead cats, and seized 161 living cats, from “Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary.” According to a news release from the Lake Humane, the surviving cats were in "critical" condition and suffering from a slew of maladies, including, URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), Panleukopenia, Stomatitis, an infestation of fleas, and Ringworm.  

This isn't the first time that the no-kill sanctuary has had glaring problems. In fact, in 2017, Tom and Judie Brown, the founders/and/or directors of Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, and two of the sanctuary employees, were found guilty of 24 counts of animal cruelty after deplorable conditions at their rescue were discovered.

The most recent discovery at the "rescue" has not yet resulted in animal cruelty charges, but based on the information released from the Lake Humane Society, we believe that they are warranted! Not only should charges be filed, but a permanent ban on pet ownership must be mandated. Please add your name today!

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On Adopt-A-Pet, Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue provides a description of the organization, stating, "We are a Rescue, Sanctuary and adoption center located in Concord Twsp, Ohio." They add, "The Adoption Center houses adoptable cats in a free-roaming environment. Medical needs are provided for them including vaccinations, spay /neuter and socializing. We also provide for the intensive medical treatment for those in need."

The conditions found at Caroline's Kids are far from anything reflecting a reputable rescue, or sanctuary. And though the agency claims to provide "intensive medical treatment," most of the cats seized in the recent raid showed no sign of receiving veterinary care. In fact, some were so horribly neglected that their condition was said to be "critical." 

The deplorable conditions at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue have prompted an investigation and it will be up to the Lake Humane Society Prosecutors to see if criminal charges are warranted. Please add your name (and comments) to the petition to let the prosecutors know that the treatment of these cats is completely unacceptable and the people who allowed this to happen need to face consequences! Probation and plea deals are simply not good enough.


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Individuals are presumed innocent until they are found guilty in a court of law.


Update 10/12/2020: 

Response from Jeffrey Holland:

Our law firm may be one of the only ones in the country with attorneys who devote the majority of their practice to prosecuting animal cruelty, neglect and abuse. We take this case, and every animal case, very seriously. As you know, we prosecuted the original Caroline’s Kids Defendants, who tried to block the case from going to trial in every way they could, including filing a lawsuit against us and others personally in federal district court. I am gratified to report that all four co-defendants were each convicted by a jury of all 25 counts of companion animal cruelty pertaining to 157 individual animals, and they lost at every level of appeal. We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation, but please be assured that we are diligently following this matter, and will pursue charges whenever it is justified by the facts and the evidence. Thank you very much for your commitment to spreading the word about animal cruelty.

J. Jeffrey Holland

Update 10.09.2020: Read our letter to Jeffrey Holland here



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