Dog Embarks On New Life After Suffering With Metal Pipe On His Head For Weeks

Published May 26, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Author: Staff

A year-old dog named Cletus has a new lease on life after being rescued from an unfortunate, and perhaps deadly, situation. The unlucky pooch had been suffering with a metal pipe on his head for what is believed to be weeks, before someone captured and freed him. The Mississippi-based rescue group, Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue, alerted Facebook followers to Cletus' plight less than a week ago, writing:

Cletus hasn’t had a good life yet. At 1 year of age he has know not love or kindness.
We do not know how this ended up on his head.
But our guess is someone being cruel put it on him.
He is not scared, he is not jumpy, nothing that we would expect from a feral or street dog.
He is gentle and not one time has shown any aggression, again not a typical stray living on the streets boy.

After being captured, the pipe was removed and Cletus went to a veterinary clinic to begin treatment for malnourishment, parasites, heartworms, and general neglect. According to the rescue group, Cletus is a sweet boy who dislikes loud noises. He will soon be ready to go to a foster home, and then, a forever home!

You can follow this pup's journey to health and wellness at this link to the rescue group's Facebook page. Enjoy your new life Cletus!

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