Charleston Officials - Punish Man Who Threw Dog To Its Death!

 Dangelo Drayton

On March 30,  21-year-old Dangelo Drayton allegedly threw a small dog into a tree because he was angry that the dog pooped inside of an apartment. Please join us in asking officials in Charleston, South Carolina, to give Drayton the maximum possible sentence for this cruel crime which claimed the dog's life!

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Dangelo Drayton is facing a charge of animal cruelty for allegedly throwing a small dog into a tree in a fit of anger because the dog had an accident inside of an apartment. Drayton was arrested and now he needs to be punished for this cruel crime! Please join us in asking officials to give Drayton the maximum punishment - a strong message that this WILL NOT be tolerated must be sent! Read more about this heinous act of cruelty at the Pet Rescue Report.

UPDATE: 01/02/2020 Authorities have told us; "Mr. Drayton has been sentenced for multiple unrelated crimes, and he is currently in prison for those charges. Without directly discussing the details of the animal cruelty case, they have said if Drayton decides not to take full responsibility and therefore wants a jury trial, this will be an uphill battle due to some evidentiary issues. Having said that, they are still willing to take the case to trial despite the difficulties involved since they agree that this is a serious case that needs to result in Drayton receiving a prison sentence. If and when Drayton is convicted, they will be seeking the maximum sentence, which for this charge is 5 years. It could be until next year (2021) sometime before the case goes to trial since this is a relatively new case and the court-run docketing system operates in terms of the age of a case. 

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