Chained Dog Died In Direct Sun - Arrest The Owner!

A chained dog suffered a miserable death at the end of a tether in Montgomery County, Ohio. The Rottweiler could be seen suffering in the intense summer heat by a neighbor who called animal control for help - but the dog died before help arrived. 

At the bare minimum, this is gross negligence, if not outright animal cruelty. Please sign this petition, which will be submitted to the Montgomery County, Ohio, officials, along with our letter demanding a full investigation and charges for the dog's owner.

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The events leading up to this dog's death were recounted (by a neighbor/witness) on social media:

Timeline of events for the actual day the dog was found dead.
4:45 AM on Saturday, July, 18th: The dog was seen alive tied to the tree.
10:30 AM on Saturday, July, 18th: A neighbor attempted to feed and water the dog. The dog did not respond.
6:15 PM on Saturday, July 18th: the dog was found dead, chest not rising and falling, covered in flies, and unresponsive. Montgomery County Sheriff was called and responded with two units to the scene taking the other dog that was alive. Owner STILL NOT HOME.
10:30 PM on Saturday, July 18th: a vehicle shows up the owner’s residence leaving the car running for 5 minutes, then gets back in the vehicle and leaves.
9:30 AM Sunday, July 19th: Owner still not home.

The witness reportedly stated, "Not sure what will happen with the situation. I find it incredibly sad and extremely negligent to treat animals this way. It has been in the mid-90s for several days. This dog died a slow and agonizing death waiting for its owner to take care of her. It truly isn’t that difficult to take decent care of a dog. This owner has shown they are unfit to do so."

This dog suffered horribly before dying and her owner must pay for allowing it to happen. This dog's owner must not only face charges and punishment, but the court should prohibit him/her from ever owning a pet again.



Update 7/30/2020: Read our letter to Animal Resource Center Robert Sexton


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