Blind And Abandoned Horse Enjoying Her Second Chance With Rescue Group

Published July 6, 2021 at 9:10 a.m. Author: Penny Eims

A blind horse, abandoned near Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County, California, is enjoying her second chance at life with the Far-From-Perfect Mustang Rescue group. The 20-year-old horse, dubbed Hope, was found on June 4 - blind and alone on a dirt road. When Hope was found, her condition was dismal. She was malnourished, dehydrated, and injured - in fact, when the rescue group's veterinarian examined her, they said that she was the worst case they had seen.

But life is better now...hope was given antibiotics, good food, and lots of love, and today she is living her best life. On June 16, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers about her condition, writing:

Update on Hope!

Here we are one week in with her care. She is doing great and showing amazing progress already. 😊A huge thank you to our volunteer Joanne, who has been coming out twice a day to help us with Hope's wound care.❤

On June 29, the rescue group posted a video of Hope, explaining that a wound on her neck is healing nicely, she has regained some vision in one eye, and she is gaining weight. 

Hope is in good hands now, and life will only get better moving forward. Follow Hope's progress on the Facebook page for Far-From-Perfect Mustang Rescue here.

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