Animal Victory Map of Petitions


  •  Animal Victory has researched and published 141 animal abuse cases via petitions with the following animals.
    •  85 dogs
    •  21 cats
    • 14 Livestock/Farm Animals
    • 10 Wildlife Animals
    • 5 Shelter Rescues
    • 3 Marine Animals
    • 3 Exotic Animals
  Name Animal Location
1 Cat Spencer, NC, USA
2 Cat Kokomo, IN, USA
3 Cat New Mexico, USA
4 Cat Lake County, OH, USA
5 Cat Portland, ME
6 Cat Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline, Swan Way, Oakland, California, EE. UU.
7 Cat New Mexico, USA
8 Cat Brooklyn, Nueva York, EE. UU.
9 Cat Portland, TX, USA
10 Cat Newberry Township, PA, USA
11 Cat Ozark, Alabama, EE. UU.
12 Cat Johnson City, TN, USA
13 Cat Las Vegas, NV, USA
14 Cat Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
15 Cat Sugar Land, TX, USA
16 Cat York, PA, USA
17 Punish Mother Who Beat Kittens And Boiled Puppies In Front Of Children Cat San Juan, New Mexico, USA
18 Sign: Fragile Kitten Hurled To Ground During Domestic Dispute - Punish Man Responsible! Cat San Juan, NM, USA
19 Find Monster Who Decapitated Family's Cat! Cat  
20 Cat New Smyrna Beach, Florida, EE. UU.
21 Cat Hildale, UT, USA
22 Dog Charleston, SC, USA
23 Dog West Milford, New Jersey, USA
24 Dog Northern District of Florida, North Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL, USA
25 Dog Enterprise, AL, USA
26 Dog Oakland Park, FL, USA
27 Dog Dunn, WI, USA
28 Dog Shreveport, LA, USA
29 Dog Burlington, NY, USA
30 Dog Spencer, OK, USA
31 Dog Newcastle, OK, USA
32 Dog Lancaster County, SC, USA
33 Dog Frankfort, KY, USA
34 Dog Great Falls, MT, USA
35 Dog Henderson, KY, USA
36 Dog Madison, TN, USA
37 Dog Fort Worth, TX, USA
38 Dog Montgomery, Ohio, USA
39 Dog teller,  CO, USA
40 Dog Slidell, LA, USA
41 Dog Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
42 Dog Holmes County, FL, USA
43 Dog Bibb County, GA, USA
44 Dog California, USA
45 Dog Shreveport, LA, USA
46 Dog Texas and Missouri
47 Dog Boynton Beach, FL, USA
48 Dog Pierce County, WA, USA
49 Dog Mobile, AL, USA
50 Dog Franklin, OH, USA
51 Dog Lebanon, PA, USA
52 Dog New York, Nueva York, EE. UU.
53 Dog Georgetown, SC
54 Dog Glen Cove, NY, USA
55 Dog New Jersey, EE. UU.
56 Dog Vacaville, CA, USA
57 Dog Humboldt, Tennessee, EE. UU.
58 Dog Grundy County, Tennessee, EE. UU.
59 Dog DeKalb County, GA, USA
60 Dog Georgia, USA
61 Dog Lake County, FL, USA
62 Dog Stephens County, Oklahoma, OK, USA
63 Dog Lexington County, SC, USA
64 Dog Utica, MI, USA
65 Dog Dallas, TX, USA
66 Dog Rensselaerville, Nueva York, EE. UU.
67 Dog Puerto Rico
68 Dog Sylvania, GA, USA
69 Dog Warren, OH, USA
70 Dog Seattle, WA, USA
71 Dog Highland Heights, OH, USA
72 Dog Gainesville, FL, USA
73 Dog Polk County, Florida, EE. UU.
74 Lincoln County Officials - Punish Man Who Forgot His Dogs In Kennels Dog Lincoln, NC, USA
75 Strip Rank From Navy Sailor Who Beat Wife's Beagle To Death SUCCESS Dog Virginia
76 Sign: Punish Woman Who Starved Senior Dog 'Boomer' Dog Mohegan Lake, NY, USA
77 Riverside County - Punish Woman Who Discarded Puppies In Dumpster! Dog Riverside, CA, USA
78 Sign: Justice for Everett, puppy fighting for life after leg shot off Dog Leon County, FL, USA
79 Red Lake Police - Investigate To Find Person Who Skinned Puppy! Dog Red Lake, MN, USA
80 Punish Man Who Sexually Abused His Dog Dog Lincoln, RI, USA
81 Sign: Vote NO on proposed facility to breed dogs for medical research Dog Spring Green, WI, USA
82 Justice For Two Dogs Shot In Fenced Yard: Detroit Police Don't Laugh, Dog Detroit, MI, USA
83 Sign: Punish Man Who Bludgeoned German Shepherd Pup To Death With A Bat Dog Butler County, OH, USA
84 Sign: Stop County From Shutting Down Animal Sanctuary Dog Las Vegas, NV, USA
85 Sign: Woman's Tethered Dog Died In The Heat - Charge Her With A Crime Dog Indianapolis, IN, USA
86 Sign: Find And Punish Woman Who Tortured Innocent Puppy In Horrific Video Dog Singapore
87 Sign: Justice For Teddy Bear, Dog Stabbed To Death By Neighbor Dog Crestwood, MO, USA
88 Dog Auburn, Massachusetts, USA
89 Maximum Punishment For Man Who Neglected Dog So Severely That She Chewed Her Leg Off! Dog Exeter, NY, USA
90 Remove Michael Vick From Being A 2020 Pro Bowl Legend Captain Dog Surry, VA, USA
91 Punish Man For Brutal Abuse That Killed A Young Puppy Dog Ross, OH, USA
92 Dog Found Frozen Inside Of Abandoned Cage - This Should Be Investigated! Dog Kansas City, MO, USA
93 Dog Coldwater, MS, USA
94 Punish man who starved newly adopted dog to death Dog Mercer, NJ, USA
95 Dustin Coker Hunting Dog Killed Couldn’t Hunt-Relaunch Dog Virginia, USA
96 Punish Man who intentionally ran over dog and beat head Dog Ontario, NY, USA
97 Punish Woman Who Starved Her Dying Grandma's Dogs To Death Dog Bexar County, TX, USA
98 Punish man who adopted bonded dogs and starved them to death Dog Des Moines, IA, USA
99  Family's Dog Brutally Beaten With Broomstick - Abuser Must Be Punished! Dog Robertsdale, AL, USA
100 Youth Abused Dog On Video And Dog Is Now Back With Family - Justice For Bella! Dog Mobile, AL, USA
101 Rescue Dog Slapped With Dangerous Dog Designation After Another Dog Attacked Him Dog Illinois, USA
102 Find And Punish Cruel Dog Fighter Who Caused Dog's Death Dog Brevard County, FL, USA
103 John Wimmer Admitted To Bludgeoning A Puppy To Death With A Log; He Must Be Punished! Dog Mercer County, WV, USA
104 Punish Couple Who Dumped Over 120 Dogs Along Highway Dog Sutton, TX, USA
105 Dog Froze To Death But Owner Hasn't Been Charged And Is Allowed To Keep Other Dog Dog Decatur, IA, USA
106 Dog Florida, EE. UU.
107 Dog Las Vegas, NV, USA
108 Dog Memphis, TN, USA
109 Sign: Stop Forcing Emaciated, Senior Elephant To Work At Festival Exotic Animals Sri Lanka
110 Another Hunting Dentist Under Fire; This One Accused Of Killing More Than 1,000 Jaguars Exotic Animals Brazil
111 Farm Sussex, NJ, USA
112 Farm Crown Point, IN, USA
113 Farm New Jersey, USA
114 Farm United States
115 Farm Zap, North Dakota, USA
116 New Undercover Video Shows Neglect, Filth and Death At Another Dairy Farm Farm Reitz Dairy Farm, Reitz Road, Shamokin, PA, USA
117 Boycott Fair Oaks Farm For Calf Cruelty Farm Fair Oaks, IN, USA
118 Boycott Chinese Theme Park That Cruelly Forced Pig To Bungee Jump Farm China
119 Farm Spotsylvania, VA, USA
120 Livestock Supai, AZ, USA
121 Livestock Chicago, IL, USA
122 Six Horses Dead: Shut Down Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races Livestock Canada
123 livestock Canal de Suez, Egipto
124 China, Stop Advising People To Dispose Of Pets And Shut Down Exotic Meat Markets Permanently! livestock China
125 Sign: Japan - Stop Hunting Whales! Marine Japan
126 Someone wrote Trump on a manatees back Marine Florida, USA
127 Shelter/Rescue Thawville, IL, USA
128 Shelter/Rescue Aiken, South Carolina, USA
129 Shelter/Rescue Ohio, EE. UU.
130 Shelter/Rescue Williamson County, TX, USA
131 Sign: Open-Intake Shelter In Philadelphia Is Underfunded And Lacking Staff! Shelter/Rescue Philadelphia, PA, USA
132 Wildlife Allen Park, MI, USA
133 Wildlife Rockland, ME, USA
134 Wildlife Willington, CT, USA
135 Wildlife California City, California, EE. UU.
136 Sign to stop traditional balloon release Wildlife Indianapolis
137 Punish College Athlete Who Viciously Beat Defenseless Duck With A Bat Wildlife Central Alabama Community College, Cherokee Road, Alexander City, AL, USA
138 Sign: Stop Washington State Officials From Slaughtering Wolf Pack Wildlife Washington, USA
139 Sign: Fish And Wildlife Officials Move Friendly Elk Out Of Hunting Area Wildlife Sweet, ID, USA
140 Off-Duty Cop Mercilessly Stoned Fleeing Wombat To Death Wildlife Australia
141 Punish Cruel Teens Who Ruthlessly And Repeatedly Kicked Dying Deer In The Head Wildlife Jefferson, PA, USA

1 Arizona


7 Alabama


1 Australia


1 Brazil


5 California


2 Canada


2 China


1 Colorado


1 Connecticut


11 Florida


4 Georgia


1 Idaho


3 Illinois


3 Indiana


2 Indianapolis


3 Iowa


1 Japan


2 Kentucky


3 Louisiana


2 Maine


1 Massachusetts


3 Michigan


1 Minnesota


3 Missouri


1 Montana


3 Nevada


5 New jersey




3 New Mexico


6 New York


3 North Carolina


6 Ohio


2 Oklahoma


1 Oregon


4 Pennsylvania


1 Puerto Rico


1 Rhode Island


1 Singapore


4 South Carolina


1 Sri Lanka


4 Tennessee


6 texas


1 united states


1 Utah


3 Virginia


3 Washington


1 West Virginia


2 Wisconsin