Animal Victory Petitioners

Penny & Janelle

Our Mission is to create awareness to let everybody know and understand how their role in signing, sharing, and supporting petitions will work to create harsh punishment laws for animal abusers so that cruelty to animals becomes a thing of the past.

Animal Victory Petitioners publish breaking news and create petitions to persuade government officials to create severe punishment laws for Animal Abusers. Your signatures and donations allow us to work towards creating tougher penalties for animal abusers across the world. Some contributions will be used to help promote petitions, and 100 percent of the net profits will be sent to our charity partners who are making a significant difference in the lives of animals.

While we are passionate about supporting and funding all animal abuse cases, there are a few categories needing more attention.


  • Livestock & Farm animal abuse
  • Dog-Fighting
  • Sexual Abuse-Bestiality

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Janelle Babington

Chief Executive Officer
& Petitioner

Founder and Executive Director of American Red Lion Disaster & Abuse Fund; a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce the number of abandoned animals during major disasters. American Red Lion has earned Great Nonprofits badges since its inception as well as the Gold seal of transparency from Guidestar, one of the nation's leading nonprofit rating organizations.


Penny Eims

Chief Operating Officer
& Petitioner

Founder, Journalist & Freelance writer for over a decade, Penny has contributed animal-related content for, Shelter ME TV, Pet Rescue Report, & FIDO Friendly Magazine. Her popular National Animal News Facebook Page boasts over 600,000 followers.

Janelle and Penny are animal welfare professionals and petitioners who have been working tirelessly for a combined 15 years to raise awareness about animal abuse. These dedicated and determined women value animals over profits; they will continue to create timely petitions to persuade government officials to strengthen punishment for animal abusers.

Why? Because they are appalled by the horrific cruelty that sick people inflict upon innocent animals, and they are fed up and disgusted by the lack of punishment that animal abusers receive.

"We need tougher penalties for animal abusers and we're going to get it. We can no longer sit back and watch our animals suffer in pain and be abused; we just can't." Janelle & Penny


American Red Lion has earned the Great Nonprofits Badge since its inception as well as the Gold Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.


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