36 Dogs And Puppies Seized From Same Home Where Dozens Of Dogs Were Previously Seized From Suspected Dog-Fighter

Dozens of dogs and puppies were seized this week from the same Pierce County, Washington, home where nearly 50 dogs were seized in December 2019 from a suspected dog fighter. The Pierce County Sheriff's Office announced that 36 dogs and puppies were removed this week because of suspected dog abuse. In a release, the authorities state:

The warrant was part of an ongoing investigation into reports of animal cruelty and an illegal kennel operation on the property; per Pierce County Code the property owner is restricted from possessing more than five dogs unless he obtains a kennel license.

The owner, identified as Elmer James Givens Jr., has 15 days to petition the court to regain custody of the dogs. Please sign the petition to ask for Givens to be denied his right to reclaim the dogs AND face charges!

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Elmer Givens Jr. petitioned the court to get his dogs back after the first seizure, but Judge Jeanette Lineberry denied his request. Though Givens has denied the dog-fighting allegations, the authorities have stated that the conditions at his residence in Midland point to dog-fighting activity. After the 2019 seizure, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department stated that dozens of dogs were found locked in crates with their own waste in a garage, and investigators found materials related to dogfighting and breeding.

The authorities have outlined what led to the most recent seizure, stating:

Earlier this week our investigators received a tip that a large number of dogs were being kept on the same property and made allegations that the property owner was shooting the dogs with a pellet gun. The tip contained footage of the property, dogs, and the alleged abuse. Our investigators interviewed witnesses, collected the video evidence, and obtained a search warrant for the property.

Upwards of 90 dogs and puppies have been seized from this man's residence in less than a year. The investigation from the first situation has not even been concluded!

Please add your name to this petition today - the court needs to know that we care about this case and want to see Givens denied his bid to reclaim the dogs! The courts must also issue a mandate that Givens can never own dogs again! Additionally, based on the investigation by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, this man deserves to face animal cruelty and/or dog-fighting charges. Please take action right now to stop this man from continuing to abuse and exploit dogs!



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Individuals are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law.

Update 11/12/2020: The puppies seized from Givens are currently available for adoption through the Humane Society for Tacoma Pierce County. Givens did not get them back! We will continue to push for him to face charges, and to be prohibited from owning pets in the future.

Update October 27, 2020: Read our letter to Prosecuting Attorney Robnett here


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